6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.



all bugs can be organized into one of three categories: homies, chillers, and haters. hornets and wasps are haters. mosquitos are haters. most spiders are homies cuz they eat shitty bugs, some spiders are chillers cuz they dont really do anything, but also some spiders are haters because they’ll kill you. learn to tell the difference. bees are homies but they become haters if you fuck with them. most beetles are chillers but if they’re the kind of beetle that flies really fast at your face then they’re haters.


well [adjusts glasses] [takes sip of tea] [puts down john green novel] i don’t really think grades matter because it’s not a good way to judge how smart we are, in all honesty, tumblr’s taught me more than school ever has or will

but the starks will endure…

“Don’t step on the floor, the floor is lava!!!” — Children of Pompeii, 79 AD 


pick up line: dang boy, were you a witch in 1692 salem massachusetts bc you are hung

hark! a vagrant meets the great gatsby (2013): part 1
inspired by [x]


"your generation is too reliant on technology" my grandpa says. "no YOUR generation is too reliant on technology" i retort, pulling the plug on his life support to further prove my point.


charlie hunnam got a taste of the good life with sons of anarchy and pacific rim and now he’s gone mad with power frodo it’s me it’s your sam let go of the ring

Bart Baker’s Parody of “Blurred Lines”

Luhan blowing Xiumin